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Dienstplanung AB-WorkingTime - Schedule Planning


Planning and documentation of staff deployment:
Benefit from the advantages of the auxiliary module Schedule Planning.

For all companies and facilities in which staff are deployed on different shifts and tasks or have exacting demands on staffing documentation - the auxiliary module is the ideal complement to AB-WorkingTime.

The auxiliary task planning module allows you to

  • determine minimum qualifications.
  • differentiate work patterns (in the office, on standby, team consultations, tele-conferences, for example).
  • allocate tasks to one location or cross locations.
  • apply individual error and plausibility checks.
  • modify tasks optionally to a determined deadline and then make only recorded modifications.
  • display shift and other rotational models.

Planning and Stipulating Tasks

The auxiliary task planning module differentiates between the planning phase in which tasks can be optionally generated and modified and the stipulation phase in which planned tasks are defined as fixed tasks. Reports are made when modifications are made to the stipulation. For example, stipulated work schedules are applied as output parameters in calculating chargeable working time in the case of sickness.

Error and Plausibility checks

Working assignments are tested for errors and plausibility according to individual customised criteria during the stipulation phase (according to labour law, works' agreements, for example). Adaptations are then made on the basis of these tests. This helps to forestall problems regarding labour law. Stipulations can be given to different levels of company hierarchy.

Comprehensive management of labour rights

Individual members of staff can inform themselves if they may carry out certain tasks or modify work from another member of staff when they are allocated to a work assignment.

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