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AB-Arbeitszeit AB-WorkingTime - Basic module


Online recording system for managing working time accounts

  • Objective documentation of completed working times as well as verification for both employer and employee
  • Overview of all staffing time accounts and remaining holiday entitlements for personnel managers and controllers
  • Complete staffing documentation
  • Differentiated mapping of work patterns that are calculated in a different way, such as working on standby, on-call or on night shift
  • Separate calculation for all kinds of overtime

Cash-strapped times mean that increasingly more companies and organisations are looking for new opportunities to optimise staff deployment whilst at the same time allowing staff a high degree of flexibility in organising their work. We have reacted to the growing number of customer enquiries: AB-WorkingTime software enables the management and documentation of annual time accounts. The program can be adapted to collective wage agreements in many respects:

  • Individual evaluation of working time completed on-call
  • Individual evaluation of working time completed on standby
  • Calculation of holiday entitlement from night work
  • Automatic calculation of holiday entitlement according to age
  • Suitability for companies with 5, 5.5 and 6 day weeks
  • Automatic observance of regional public holidays

As it is internet software, AB-WorkingTime only requires a minimum of your administration's system resources. You just need a computer with internet access. Utilising internet software has many advantages over utilising locally installed software:

  • Even older PCs can be deployed
  • Multi-user capability even without network servers
  • Mirroring and replicating assures on-going safeguarding of data
  • Latest versions of the program are always available
  • No risk of investing in software that might prove to be unsuitable once used
  • No relaying of access authorisation to personal data to internal administrators

The system's printable standard calculations:

  • Working time account (see illustration at screenshots)
  • Manager's overview of working time and holidays: monthly compilation of working time accounts / remaining holidays entitlement for all staff
  • Payment list: data collection sheet for payment of overtime
  • Year-end closing: compilation of plus and minus hours and holiday
  • entitlement to be carried over to the next year
  • Staffing: overview of staffing (which member of staff is allocated to which
  • task) at any given moment of time
  • Further calculations functions according to individual customer specifications can be integrated.

Export functions:

  • Payment of overtime for G.O.D Personnel Dialogue Software from TDS GmbH
  • Holidays taken for G.O.D Personnel Dialogue Software from TDS GmbH
  • CSV Data (for importing into Microsoft Excel or Access, for example.)
  • Further export functions according to individual customer specifications can be integrated.

We provide a trial access at no charge on request.

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